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Learning to Count and Read

The book is about a little boy and his fuzzy bear. It is told through the bears eyes of the little boy and his days spent together.
A little girl's dream becomes a fantasy world full of magical creatures. She is their queen, and she and her court must rescue the unicorn babies from orcs and ogres. She also must reclaim their castle from a wicked witch.

Learning to count and read in Spanish

This book is about a baby giraffe who lives the zoo. She is in need of a friend. McKenna makes friends with the giraffe while she finds out she can talk to animals.
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It is about a nine year old boy who finds a medallion in the woods while playing and starts to display superpowers such as speed and strength. His parents as well as his aunt and uncle discover this and find out that the place he found the medallion was also where there had been people before with special powers. Government agents find out about this and seek to test the boy's powers to find out more about him. He is joined by one of the people with special powers, and with her help, his family and the government finally come to an agreement about his training and possible involvement with the government in the future

My name is Oliver and I am the donkey Jesus rode on once. I came to help children with their emotions, and dealing with problems. This book is about bullying.
This is a continuation of The Boy and his Mysterious Powers. Waylan and Joe have entered middle school. Waylan's powers continue to change as he continues to train and fight crime. He has also met a girl, and finds out she has super powers, too.

The Christmas Story told by Oliver the Donkey
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